Dear Darrel,

I hope these words find you in a good shape physically, emotionally, and most importantly: spiritually. If not, I hope these words will help you with the latter. At first, I would like to tell you what your music means to me and how it impacted my spiritual communion with God forever:

Long ago, as a Christian, I was very attached to worldly music. Nothing I would do would make me succeed in detaching myself from them even when I wanted. These songs were like poison to my soul, weakening my communion with the Lord but, strangely, I…

If you know Rails , you know that you can have a Web API up and running in minutes (or maybe you don’t, in that case go read my article on matter). But what about connecting that Back-End to an SPA Front-End? or more specifically with an SPA using React ? Stick to this article and you’ll know exactly how to do that. I am assuming you already have that Rails API created and if you don’t take a quick look at my article then come back to this one.

Setting up React

To set up React, we don’t have a better friend…

Do you know Rails? Active Record? Can you have a Rails Web App up and running real quick but struggle to do a Web API? This article is for you!

Let me introduce you to a tool called Active Model Serializer (AMS):

Active Model Serializer is a gem that allow you to create complex APIs using the same active record associations that you’re already used to. Let’s dive in!

First, go to your gem file and paste: gem 'active_model_serialiers' then go in you console and type bundle

Now let’s say you have a Web App where users can follow courses…

Hi, my name is Gilbert Torchon and I am learning Full-Stack Web Development at Flatiron School online boot camp.

As a final project for the Ruby on Rails section, I chose to do a Learning Platform a little bit similar to the one I used to learn about Web Application development. Basically, a user will be able to sign up then follow courses that was posted on the site by an admin for free. On the admin side he will be able to post courses, chapters and lessons. The lessons will be organized in two kinds: simple lessons and labs…

Sinatra is a Back End framework that allows its users to create Web Application with Ruby. It is based on Rack a simpler Ruby web application framework . In my journey of becoming a Full-Stack Web Developer I learned Sinatra on Flatiron School online boot camp and as a final project for their Sinatra Section, I created a simple learning platform. My goal with that article is to describe the process I used to create that web app. The web app is available on GitHub.

First, the learning platform we will create allows a super-user to post courses, manage them…

Hi everyone! My name is Gilbert Torchon and I am a code lover. I am currently a student at Flatiron School. If you don’t know what you can look it up here.

As part of their Full-Stack Web Developer curriculum I had to learn Ruby (a server-side script language) and the last part of the Ruby Object Oriented section project involved creating a gem that scraped data from a website. Now, I want to walk you through how I did that.

What is a gem?

Well, first you may ask yourself what is a gem. A gem is nothing more than a piece of…

Gilbert Torchon

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